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about us

We are a duo of styling and creative direction based in Milano, but available worldwide. Our work is the combination of two very different personalities: one bold, enthralling and dynamic, the other one considered, composed and poised. Contrasts are powerful and compelling and our unique aesthetics strives on that, as our styling is at the same time romantic but vibrant, graceful but flamboyant. We are drawn to constant newness in every creative field and as a result we are endlessly looking and endlessly learning. In order to revive all the time our way of image-making, we push towards the hidden and the contemporary. 

What we can do for you:

— Styling, art direction and production of photo and video shootings (editorials, advertising, e-commerce): concept making, casting direction, team selection and coordination, location scouting and contacts with press offices and showrooms.

— Trend research and brand consulting for companies and designers.

— Web content editing, social networks management, creation of Instagram filters with AI, press releases and newsletters.

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